Who does not like Mickey Mouse? Since the early 1900s, Mickey Mouse has been one of the most celebrated and one of the most favorite cartoon characters in the world. He is a welcome addition to all homes – a mainstay that manages to keep everyone happy and entertained at all times. Until now, we can still see how children love Mickey. In real life, though, mice like Mickey are troublesome pests. Despite all efforts for rodent control Atlanta residents have done to exterminate them, there is still a need for professional rodent control Atlanta GA. Rodents are considered as pests that spread bacteria and disease-causing viruses. They pose a great health risk for each and every member of the family.

Close-up of a field mouse eating nutsThousands of dollars of damages that home and business owners deal with each year are caused by very destructive rats and mice. Costs of repairs and reconstruction is not much of a big deal, but hospitalization because of ingested food contaminated by rodents is a very alarming thing. You wouldn’t want to endanger your loved ones’ lives by just letting them stay at your home, right? Rodents multiply easily and leaving them untreated  may cause the spread of diseases and bring other unwanted pests like fleas and bed bugs. Their solid and liquid wastes can be seen all over the house especially on the hidden dark corners where they hide from human’s plain sight.  When you see a rat or a mouse, there are usually many more others hiding out of our sight, like cockroaches. Their entrance to your homes are through small openings, attic spaces, dryer vents, or from the trees that touch your roofline.

We use varied steps for rodent control based on the needs of the home and of the client’s family. To exterminate them, we use a combination of bait stations, traps and exclusion work. A combination is always a good idea to combat something. Our rat removal Atlanta bait boxes are placed in places that can be reached only by rodents, far from your children and pets. We always practice “Safety first” especially when  your family is involved. Moving forward, these boxes trap rodents. Another technique taught to us by the top rat exterminator Atlanta is most proud of is by using exclusion work. Exclusion work is blocking the different entrance points that rodents use to get inside your homes. This is our second to the last step. We know that by blocking their entrance, they will not be able to enter your home. This is our most used procedure for rodent removal, but our team is flexible and knowledgeable about rodent control Atlanta so that your expected results will be done in the best possible way. We guarantee the best rodent removal Atlanta residents have been looking for!

The most problematic type of rodent are commensal or domestic rodents because they live in close contact with humans. They are nocturnal and tend to move in warmer areas. They might pose a serious health risk to your children because they defecate and pass urine anywhere around your home. Their solid and liquid wastes are full of bacteria that causes several illnesses. Some of the most common sickness spread by rodents is plague, Salmonellosis, bacterial food poisoning, leptospirosis, and Murine Typhus. That is why it is very important to choose a rodent control Atlanta service company that truly cares for you and your family. Call for the best rodent removal Atlanta residents have been looking for. Rodent removal Atlanta is needed especially if the rodents in your homes are the commensal type.

You should be on the lookout for the signs of rodent activity in your homes. Damaged, partially eaten fruits and nuts is the number one sign. Rodents gnaw on almost everything. Rub marks seen in contact with painted surfaces and wooden beams are almost always caused by rats. Rodent droppings which are randomly scattered and seen on areas like water heater closets, air heaters, swimming pool heater covers, and forced air heaters are obvious signs. You may also hear their squeaking sounds especially at night when everyone else is sleeping. Rodents are unsanitary and unsafe especially if you have them in your homes.

The safe and effective rodent control Atlanta GA residents are looking for is finally here! Look no further, we are here for all your rodent removal Atlanta needs. Rat removal Atlanta residents look for are those that are safe, effective, child-friendly, and most of all, preventing rodent recurrence. Our rat control Atlanta procedures are by far the best among all the other pest companies in the area. We will send you the best rat removal Atlanta is very proud of. Let us remove and exterminate those disease carrying rodents. Our rat exterminator Atlanta will gladly provide his best service for you. Those rodents are like ungrateful boarders who you give shelter to, but give you sickness in return. That kind of relationship is toxic and will never be good for you. Get out of that toxic relationship and exterminate those ungrateful rodents. We service the Atlanta area. We are the best company that provides the rodent control Atlanta GA residents desperately need. We know the best ways for rat removal Atlanta people are looking for. Rat control Atlanta is a must so ensure that your family’s health is always at its best.

We also give the most effective and safest rodent removal Alpharetta residents need for their homes. The products that we use for our rodent control Alpharetta are child-friendly and environmentally safe. Our rat removal Alpharetta treatment is safe and effective.We love our families as much as you do. That is why we try our very best to provide the best rodent removal Alpharetta needs. Rat removal Alpharetta is not a very easy job to do, but for our beloved Alpharetta residents, we will be serving you with the best rodent control Alpharetta with smiles on our faces. Rodent removal Apharetta residents recommend is the one that’s affordable and really removes everything up to the rodents’ very source. We take rodent control Alpharetta seriously.

We also like serving the best rodent control Marietta residents seek. We can never deny the fact that rodents are becoming more and more invasive, that is why a quick action for rodent removal Marietta residents is a necessity.  Marietta residents value their homes and their family like diamonds. Once they see signs of rodents, they immediately call us for  rodent removal Marietta. We like that the residents trust us well enough to look over their properties to fully address their rodent problems. Our rodent control Marietta residents are needing is a radical type of rodent control. They care about their family, that is why they are willing to pay for any type of rodent control Marietta service that they need. Rodent removal Marietta is the top service we give to Marietta residents. They value our rodent removal Marietta service, that is why we value them as our beloved clients, too.

Close-up of a large rat sitting on a deckSandy Springs is also within our service areas. Rodent control Sandy Springs residents are looking for is the one that addresses their specific needs.  Our rodent control Sandy Springs  is very specific for each and every home we serve. Sandy Springs residents are very trusting when we come to their homes to inspect for any pest infestation. We will give you nothing but the best. We will give you the peace of mind you always need. We will give the  rodent control Sandy Springs residents rightfully deserve.

We are very willing to help you out if you need the rodent control Dunwoody residents trust and recommend. With our proven safe and effective ways to exterminate pests, we are the top rated rodent control Dunwoody is lucky to have. If you happen to seek a rodent control Dunwoody needs all year long, we are the company to call.

We also deliver the rodent control Roswell residents need. Our rat exterminators are the best among the best in South Georgia. Our rodent control Roswell is the best procedure that our previous customers can vouch for. We do not simply say this, we can prove it with our track record of rodent control Roswell services. We know rodents, we know what they do and why they do it. We take pride in our pest technicians because they provide the best possible rodent control Roswell service for each and every client that comes their way.

No matter how small or severe the rodent problem is, we are your go-to pest control company servicing the southern region of Georgia. We are the authority in pest control and we take pride in the way we fulfill our clients’ pest removal needs!